Community-Based Organizations

Community-based organizations, businesses, places of worship and, most importantly, neighbors like you are key in making neighborhoods healthier. This page provides resources to support your efforts.

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Making Our Communities Healthier

Community-based organizations are vital pillars that provide social support, care, and services to people of all ages and cultures. Many of these organizations promote healthier lifestyles, provide resources, and address social determinants of health for people within their communities.

The American Heart Association is working to equip community members, local businesses, organizations and healthcare providers with tools and resources to remove barriers to health equity. Health lessons have been developed for community-based organizations and businesses that want to help their neighbors understand and manage their blood pressure. Our goal is to reduce high blood pressure, especially among those in historically under resourced communities that live with health-related disparities related to heart disease and stroke.


Catch up on the latest information from our webinar series designed to provide local organizations, businesses, faith-based entities and community members with tools and information to be a force for healthier lives in their neighborhoods.

Healing Forward | Discover the personal experiences and views of African American health and wellness leaders on social determinants of health and high blood pressure in Black communities and join in a positive conversation about healing and living in a wealth of health.
NHCI Primary Care Association Webinar III Highlights and Looking Ahead | The American Heart Association (AHA) hosted the National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI) the third PCA webinar to share updates from the NHCI as well has two guest presentations from the Montana Primary Care Association and the Tennessee Primary Care Association, on how they are working with NHCI funded community health centers.
Primary Care Associations Webinar II | This webinar is intended to review the following: - The American Heart Association National Hypertension Control Initiative updated team roster and efforts - Dig deeper into our Primary Care Associations and the National Hypertension Control Initiative collaboration opportunities - Highlight the Community Health Center Association of Mississippi - Share updates from both our Evaluation and Clinical teams
Primary Care Association Webinar
This webinar is intended to introduce Primary Care Associations and other primary care support organizations/partners to the National Hypertension Control Initiative.
National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI) Community-Based Organization Welcome | The American Heart Association (AHA) hosted an welcome webinar for community-based organizations and businesses interested in learning more about the National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI) and how they can be a source of information and force for change in the health of their neighborhoods.
Here’s how neighborhoods are taking control of their health | We’re working together to address high blood pressure in under-resourced communities! Listen in to learn how people across the country are making a change in the health of their neighborhoods through collaborative care practices. Escucha en español aquí.

Health Lessons and Toolkits

Are you ready to be a source of health information for your community? The health lessons included below are a great way to start. They focus on explaining the importance of accurate blood pressure measurement and recognizing lifestyle changes that can help your neighbors reach and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

The lessons take between 30 to 45 minutes to view. All are free and can be shared with other members of your community.

Looking for more resources ?

Get Down With Your Blood PressureReady to share the "Get Down With Your Blood Pressure" campaign with your community?

Check out our list of resources from social media messages to printable posters, available in English and Spanish, that can help you share the importance of self-measuring your blood pressure.

You've got a part to play

Join us as we create new paths to healthier neighborhoods.

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Do you have additional questions not answered here? Please email us at to learn more about our free resources and how to become a blood pressure touchpoint in your community.